Zulu Emergency: A Couchbase Mobile Use Case in the Emergency Sector

See how Couchbase Mobile brought a new paradigm in emergency medical management, enabling real-time communication, data security, and integrity to a highly paper-dependent and error-prone environment.

From rescuing people in the Alps after an avalanche via helicopter, to saving lives in Venice aboard ambulance boats, to driving medical cars across highways, Zulu .E has become the go-to mission-critical app to collect on-field information about emergency situations, immediately sending data to the nearest hospital so staff are prepared for the specific scenario. The more they are aware of incoming patients' status, the more lives that can be saved.

In this session you’ll see how we integrated Couchbase throughout all the emergency processes. IoT, streamlined UX design, and real-time communication are just some of the key features of our open innovation approach in enterprise digital product development.