Couchbase Analytics: Analyze Data From S3 in Real Time

One of the most cost-effective ways to store immense amounts of data today is in object storage such as Amazon S3. But doing so can make it harder to query and analyze the data. New capabilities in Couchbase Analytics make it possible to dynamically query data that resides in AWS S3 – both on demand, and with no need to first ingest the data or to flatten it to make it queryable. In this session, Couchbase product and engineering team members will provide an overview, use cases, and demo of the new External Dataset product feature. You’ll see how it extends the reach of Couchbase Analytics into your S3 data lake, enabling you to combine that data with other Couchbase-resident data, to analyze it using Couchbase’s familiar and expressive N1QL query language, and to visualize the results in your favorite BI tool.