Eventing – Improvements in Scalability, Usability, and Features: Overview and Demonstrations

Although the 6.5/6.6 release track for the Eventing Service was primarily focused on stability, there are also many other noteworthy improvements. Eventing now supports 3x more functions at 30 per cluster while also supporting 30 buckets. A great deal of work was done to assist developers by allowing faster iteration in the development cycle, and to assist administrators by allowing live deployment and the new pause/resume capability without missing any mutations. The functionality of Eventing timers has been greatly expanded, including support for recursive timers made within a timer’s callbacks, and canceling/overwriting existing timers. The Eventing OnDelete handler now lets developers know if a document was deleted or expired via a TTL. Come hear from our Couchbase product and engineering team and see the scalability, usability, and feature improvements via several focused demos.