Empower Your Legacy Business Apps: Keep Your RDBMS and Couchbase in Sync With GlueSync

We know that developers are being asked to integrate into new Couchbase-powered app data that comes from many sources: external services, third-party APIs, and even legacy mission-critical business apps that still rely on SQL Server, Oracle, or even worse, IBM Db2. 

Are you going to use Kafka? Are you sure you want to deal with that complexity? Or should you develop a SQL-compatible plugin to write to the target RDBMS?

Are you willing to import data across the modern ecosystem from the legacy system using CSV files? Be ready to put your APIs under a maintenance curtain for a while.

What about dealing with real-time microservices needs? Have you ever overcome the challenge of keeping aligned, in real time, a modern NoSQL database and a legacy one? 

WE HAVE. GlueSync is the official SQL-to-NoSQL connector for Couchbase, syncing data in real time from Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

Attend our session to discover how to develop great software on top of the Couchbase NoSQL database, while we take care of syncing your mission-critical data at the speed of light.